Project: Professional Services for Code Enforcement Officer Consultant
Solicitation#: 2023-029
Due Date: December 14, 2023, 2:00pm
Proposal Contact:
Submit Online:

Prospective proposers/bidders may register and download copies of the RFP package and submit proposals electronically (in PDF format) via the City’s online bidding system.

Overview: The City of Moreno Valley (City) has identified a need to develop various pre-approved, permit-ready, Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) plan design sets for project use.

Highly qualified architectural design consultants required to provide prototypical ADU plan design sets for pre-approval to facilitate over-the-counter review.

Successful consultant firm(s) will become the “project manager” for the applicants and will provide assistance in the purchase of the plan design set and applying for the ADU building permit.

Proposers are solely responsible for “on time” submission of their proposals online. The City will only consider proposals that have been transmitted successfully through the City’s online bidding system. Transmission of proposals by any other means will not be accepted. Proposers shall be solely responsible to familiarize themselves with the online bidding system in order to properly utilize the proposal management system, for ensuring the capability of their computer system to upload the required documents, and for the stability of their internet service to successfully submit their proposals. Failure of the proposers to successfully submit electronic proposals shall be at the proposers’ sole risk and no relief will be given for late and/or improperly submitted proposals. Proposers experiencing any technical difficulties with the proposal submission process may contact OpenGov at (650) 336-7167. Questions of an operational nature may be directed to the City’s Purchasing and Sustainability Division at (951) 413-3190. Neither the City nor OpenGov makes any guarantee as to the timely availability of assistance or any assurance that any given problem will be resolved by the proposal submission deadline.

City of Moreno Valley
Community Development Department
14177 Frederick Street
Moreno Valley, CA 92553